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Nodes 1 & 2: Basement 6
Nodes 3: Old Library Bookshop

(opposite Library entrance)

16th October 2023 - 10th November 2023

Concept Note of Mapping Journeys
Dr Nadiah Ahmad & Sheril A. Bustaman

In Malaysia, foreign migrant workers are seen as transient in existence and in their contribution. Thus, the understanding of their everyday as well as broader experiences are treated as such. Often given work that is dirty, dangerous and difficult, migrants are also overwhelmingly invisible. When they are thrust into the spotlight, they are portrayed as intimidating and deprived.
The last four years of the Migration for Equality & Development (MIDEQ) Malaysia’s work has tried to close these immense gaps in understanding the structures and processes that compound their experiences and re-center the humanity embedded in migrant journeys to and in Malaysia.

As part of this project, it is imperative that the data gathered and analyses generated contribute to influencing narratives - which have long been xenophobic and exploitative of liminal migrant communities - provide a lasting impact on the Malaysian economy and society. As such, with the breadth of data we have collected, the team intends to contribute to expanding and influencing narratives on migration and migrants in Malaysia.

This effort particularly includes the translation of output into showcases, such as Mapping Journeys and the corresponding creative products displayed at the exhibition which includes observational fieldwork video footage and photographs, video interviews, migrant-produced short films, as well as an interactive- facilitated game that provides a glimpse of what it is like to be a migrant. It is hoped that audiences will be able to delve deeper into the everydayness of migrant realities, and to view them through a renewed lens of empathy, solidarity and community.

There have been contributions from many different parties to make this exhibition possible, with multiple stakeholders and partners coming together to provide inputs and lending expertise to bring the journey of migration to life within the walls of the university. We extend our thanks to every single one of them, without whom our vision would have never seen the light of day.

We hope this exhibition migrates your perspective on migrants in some small way, and also moves your hearts into viewing the journey through their experiences.

Dr Nadiah Ahmad & Sheril A. Bustaman

Co-Organisers: Mapping Journeys

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